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Membership FAQ

Why is the membership program being implemented?
Windham Parks & Recreation is moving to a membership system to streamline the process for participants to register and check in for our programs. As we open more facilities, the membership system will be used to grant access to these sites.

What’s the difference between a Digital Membership and a Membership Card?

When you purchase a digital membership, you will receive a confirmation email receipt with the digital membership card attached which can be downloaded and saved to your phone as a picture. In the future, we will move towards physical membership cards (like a credit card) which you will be able to use scan into different multi-week programs or facilities.

What programs are affected?

We hope to roll the membership program out for most of our programs but will be initially rolling it out for our Sunday Open Gym and Kiddie Gym/Playdates in the Park programs.

Does everyone in my household need a membership?

Yes. Memberships are tied to the individual person, not the household. Therefore, if a child is registered for an activity, their membership card would need to be scanned, not the adult’s.

How do I purchase a membership?

Memberships may be purchased under the “Registration -> Memberships” option on the navigation bar on our website, over the phone, or in-person at our office. Additionally, programs which utilize the membership system will have a link on their page to purchase memberships.

How do I access my membership card after purchasing?

The digital membership card will be automatically emailed to you after you register and pay for the membership. You can also find all of your memberships on your account under registrations. Select memberships and then select view membership card(s) for each program you purchased a membership for.

Do I need to present my membership card every time I attend a program?

In order to check in for a program, you must scan your membership card to use up one of your remaining scans. Membership cards may be printed or saved to your phone as an image for quicker access.
Please note that in circumstances where you do not have access to your membership card, we are able to manually “scan you in” for a program.

How do I know how many scans I have left on my membership card?

If you log into your account, select memberships under your registrations, you can see how many scans you have left for each membership. When you scan your membership at a program, we can also tell you how many scans you have left for that membership.

I have already purchased a multi-use pass for your programs (such as Kiddie Gym), what happens to my remaining pass uses?

All previously purchased passes have been converted to the new membership format and remaining pass uses may be used via membership cards. Membership cards are available in your online account, however, printed copies will also be available at the program location for previous passholders.

Who can I contact with any issues or questions?

Please call our office at (207) 892-1905 or email us at parks& with any issues, questions, or feedback.