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Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to encourage and promote recreational opportunities for the citizens through varied recreational programs and further development of the Town’s parklands. The Committee, in cooperation with the Director of Parks and Recreation, shall recommend options and strategies to the Windham Town Council.

The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members appointed to staggered three (3) year terms by the Town Council. 

Members shall elect a Chairman from within their membership at their first meeting after September 1st of each year. In addition to the seven (7) voting members appointed by the Town Council, a Town Councilor shall serve on the Committee as a non-voting member.

It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to prepare findings for consideration by the Town Council and shall serve as an advisory board to the Parks and Recreation Director and Town Council on the following items:

1. Program offerings of the Parks and Recreation Department and necessary fee
structure. It is the intention of the Town Council that programs be self-supporting
exclusive of administrative costs.

2. Need for and improvements to recreational facilities. Recommendations on
meeting unmet needs of the community shall include consideration of the cost to
property tax payers.

3. Operating plans for the maintenance and operation of parklands including Dundee
Park and any other sites to be supervised by the Parks and Recreation Department.

4. Review offerings of land donations and make recommendation to the Town
Council as to whether or not the Town should accept particular parcels.

(amended July 28, 1992)
Amended 11-004, January 11, 2011. 3-Year Terms. 

Advisory Committee meeting agendas and minutes


Brett Jones


Deb Matthews


Frank Farinella


Jennie Butler


Kayla Desmond


Maureen Denig


Raeann Haggard

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