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Community Center Committee

The purpose of this committee is to complete the predevelopment phase toward achieving a community center for Windham.

The committee will consist of a minimum of five (5) and no more than seven (7) members who have been selected by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. The Committee may reappoint current committee members and may seek new members with financial and business management expertise. The Ad Hoc Committee will meet at a time agreed-upon by the committee members once it is established.

It shall be the responsibility of this committee to prepare findings related to the stated tasks below, and report their findings to the Town Council upon completion of these tasks. Once this report has been provided to the council, this Ad Hoc Committee will be dissolved.

Site Analysis
The Town of Windham is evaluating the suitability of the Morrell Property for the proposed community center. In the event that the Morrell Property is not suitable for the construction of the proposed community center, the Ad Hoc Committee will be charged with identifying other potential parcels of land either owned by the town or available for purchase.

Financial Feasibility
The Ad Hoc Community Center Committee will be charged with evaluating the financial feasibility of the proposed community center. The Committee will develop a project funding plan including identify preliminary sources of construction funding, probable operating costs and potential revenue generated.
The Committee will develop draft operating budgets in conjunction with needs assessment and identify preliminary sources of operating funds.
The Committee will identify potential grassroots fundraising and funding sources for multi-generation community center facilities.
Determine which aspects of financial feasibility can be assessed by committee and which need to be hired out for a more skilled analysis. Develop an RFP for the feasibility work that will be contracted out; select and hire consultant with Council approval

Operating/Ownership Structure
The committee will provide recommendations for ownership options and associated management structures for the facility during development and then once completed.


Beth Schidzig


Cathy Streifel


David Harrigan


Joseph Crocker


Kregg Jarvais


Nikki Jarvais


Pat Moody


Stan Rintz

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